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Himalayan Rock Salt Aroma Diffuser | Free 30ML Fragrance Oil

Himalayan Rock Salt Aroma Diffuser | Free 30ML Fragrance Oil

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This essential oil diffuser produces a high frequency vibration of 2.4 million times / sec. 300ml Africa is very quiet,
automatic shutdown technology makes it the best home scorpion, indoor humidifier and baby humidifier. The size of QIAODIREN Essential Oil Diffuser is 4.96 * 4.88 * 3.98 inches, suitable for even distribution in rooms up to 250 square feet.

✨ Himalayan Salt Lamp, The cover of oil diffuser is filled with natural salt crystals from the Himalayan Mountains. When the light is on, the salt is heated and releases negative ions, which known as "Vitamins of the Air". It can effectively remove peculiar smells in the air, making breathing easier and healthier.
✨ It is greatly improved air quality: In addition to being used for aromatic therapy, this essential oil diffuser can also be used as a humidifier. Use it to improve your air and atmosphere quality, cover your pet or smoking odor and protect your family from over-dry air, microorganism, allergen, dust, etc.
✨ Ultrasound Aromatherapy diffuser is the best oil diffuser, can work continuously 8 to 10 hours! It is made from the best Material on the market, and the oil resistant corrosion is High-precision essential oil ingredient: ultrasonic atomization technology, directly atomizing water and essential oil into nanometer level, delicate college
✨ Multiple protection, automatic monitoring of water levels, overheating automatic shutdown system, safe and provincial heart. This is a wonderful anniversary/birthday/Halloween/Valentine/Christmas gift for relatives, children, friends, teachers and classmates. Included packaging: 1x ultrasonic humidifier, 1x USB cable (Without plug adapter), 1x user manual, 1x packing box.
✨Specially worth noting: The water level of our aromatherapy diffuser must be lower than the highest water level line, otherwise there will be small spray amount, and when moving after moving, it is easy to pour the water into the fan. In the protective port, it causes the water to flow out from bottom. It is highly recommended -- After placing it, and then start to add water and start using it. (Even if you need to move, you need to parallel movement and don't shake too much)
✨Since the ultrasonic vibration is scattered into a small water mist, it will make some small sound, which is may be unfriendly for A person who is not good in sleep. so it is strongly recommended to use it as auxiliary sleep, What it needs to be placed distance from one meter, so that you can Better accompanied by aromatherapy to help you fall asleep, and you will not bother you because of small sound. .
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